Executive Summary

Wisky is a social media marketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We provide a variety of services designed to help our clients use social media & other effective marketing channels to increase customer awareness and improve sales. Our services & pricing is outlined here. You can contact us here, or send an email directly to parker@wisky.jp.


Our Wisky Dream

As you have likely guessed, Wisky’s name is inspired by the beverage. The name “whisky” itself is derived from the Celtic name uisge beatha, which literally means “water of life”. Wisky is named as such because we take a similar approach to create social media campaigns: we focus on strengthening brand image and generating buzz.

We distill social media plays off this theme and conveys our goal to provide clients with marketing that can effectively communicate their company’s essence.

What’s your dream? If it is to start using social media to increase awareness, generate sales, or improve customer service, then there’s a Wisky for that. Contact us today to discover what a taste of this exciting new social media space can do for your company.

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A Message From Our “Master Distiller”

Back home in Tennessee, a U.S. state that is best known for “Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey”, I was surrounded by whisky culture. Everywhere you look, you can find Jack Daniels’ distinctive white on black logo. It was a great surprise to find that the situation is not so different in Tokyo, where Jack Daniels is extremely popular and the distinctive white on black logo is similarly visible.

My fascination with this incredible lesson in branding led me to study marketing, which I undertook at the Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Through learning the intricacies of marketing and consumer behavior in Japan, I have acquired an intimate knowledge of how to successfully appeal to Japan’s famously demanding consumers.

Tokyo is one of the most ad-saturated places in the world. Japanese consumers are subjected to a constant barrage of advertising that would seem overwhelming to many Westerners. Especially in this environment, social media is a great method to interact with consumers because it is fundamentally different than traditional advertising.

I have been working with internet media for the past 5 years. My experiences working in every element of the creation process has enabled me to ensure that every project undertaken by Wisky is completed on time and meets exacting standards of quality. Every year reveals new internet trends and it is a constant challenge to keep pace with the changes, but I have learned through experience that it pays be an innovator and a trendsetter.

Wisky is here to help your business communicate with consumers around the world through effective digital mediums.

Parker J. Allen
Founder & “Master Distiller”

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